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About Us

The Optometrists:

Alexander Kobrin is owned by two Optometrists Clyde Alexander and Brian Kobrin.
Brian and Clyde studied together in Johannesburg and have been in practice for over 30 years.
Clyde started the practice in Potters Bar in 1998 and Brian joined in 2001. 
They share the same philosophy in that they want to offer their patients the very best in eye care.
Much time and finance is invested in the practice to ensure that their patients are given a thorough and professional eye examination with the most up to date equipment available.

Brian Kobrin practises the general optometry with a particular interest in pathology screening and contact lens fitting. Achieving optimum health of the eye and vision is of the utmost importance. Brian sees our diabetic patients and is able to offer retinal screenings with state of the art optical coherence tomography and fundus photograpy, which is invaluable in the early detection of glaucoma and other retinal conditions.
Regular checks of the retina and optic nerve ensure that any eye health related issues can be dealt with.

Clyde Alexander has specialised in paediatric optometry. His doctoral thesis was in the development of eye movements in reading. Clyde's field of expertise encompasses binocular vision and its affect on a child's learning potential. The development of a child's eyes is critical to a child's well being and learning.



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